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Fourth graders connect with their Honduran pen pals!

video chatting with honduran students
On Tuesday, February 25, Mrs. Austin's fourth grade class video chatted with students in Honduras

Fourth grade teacher Mrs. Christine Austin knew that her students got to experience diversity inside their classroom, but she wanted to find a way for them to experience GLOBAL diversity!


Through the help of the local humanitarian group, Feed The Hungry, Mrs. Austin's class has been exchanging letters and photos with a class of fourth and fifth grade students in Las Aguilas, Honduras. In November, Mrs. Austin's class filled backpacks with school supplies and sent them to their Honduran pen pals.


The two classes then had a chance to connect through a video chat. Mrs. Austin’s class got to ask about Honduran life and their culture while answering questions that the Honduran students had about life in America. 


At the conclusion of the question and answer portion, the Honduran students got to open their back packs filled with school supplies!


Watch the video below to see what an impact it had on our Dolphins ...