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Outstanding Programs and Facilities

Walt Disney Elementary School opened in 1972 to serve the western sector of the corporation.  The school was one of the first open-space elementaries in the area and has since been remodeled to provide a more enclosed environment. The grounds feature soccer fields, basketball courts, and several playgrounds. 


  • Grades kindergarten through fifth      
  • Enrollment in 2014-2015: 448     
  • Teachers:  27
  • Resource teachers:  2                                       
  • Teacher Aides:  6                                          
  • Educational Assistants:  12
  • ENL Staff:  2                     
  • Classrooms: 25


Academic Programs

  • Walt Disney Elementary serves students from kindergarten through fifth grade.  The curriculum is integrated in a developmentally appropriate manner to enhance student learning.  Instruction is differentiated at all grade levels.
  • Walt Disney Elementary provides an inclusive environment for students with special needs.  Support services are provided both in the general education classroom and in the resource room for students with a variety of exceptionalities. 
  • A Speech and Language Specialist provides services for students with communication disorders. 
  • Students receive instruction from specialists in the areas of general music and health/fitness. 
  • Each class visits the IMC (Instructional Media Center/Library) on a weekly basis and students are encouraged to borrow books for recreational and informational reading. 
  • Each class also visits the computer lab at least once a week for structured lessons using software programs that provide for skill remediation, skill development, skill practice, and/or enrichment. 
  • Family Resource Specialists are available to assist families in a variety of ways to ensure student success in the school environment.  


Special Facilities

  • Instructional Materials Center 
  • 32 station Computer Lab
  • 24 station Research Lab
  • Gymnasium with stage
  • Minds in Motion Lab



  • Academic Competitions
  • Art Smart
  • Basketball    
  • Book Fairs
  • Circle The State with Song                      
  • Cultural Night
  • DARE Program                
  • FIRST Robotics/Lego League
  • Girls On The Run
  • Holiday Food Drive
  • Kids Club
  • Project Lead The Way
  • Running Club
  • Student Council
  • Variety Show