Culture Day 2021

Posted on May 21, 2021

Our annual Culture Day looked a bit different this year. 

In years past Culture Day took place after school hours, this year we held it during the day and the major upside is that every child got to participate!

The halls were lines with craft projects and facts about different cultures and countries around the world.

The overarching theme of the event is that we are all individual pieces part of one big cultural puzzle. In the front hallway by the main office there are individual puzzle pieces that students made that reflect their own heritage.

After the hanging puzzle pieces we have is a giant map of the world. We are proud of our diverse backgrounds here at Walt Disney and utilized this map to teach people about different counties that our Dolphins have ties too.

Once our students got beyond the entrance hallway there were numerous interactive activities. In one section students had passports, as they learned about different countries they would get stickers on their passports.

Another wall provided a virtual tour of every state. Each state had its own unique QR Code that, when scanned, launched a video with facts about the state.

To add a little fun to the day, some of our kids learned how to play Mancala, a board game with ancient origins believed to have originated in Eastern Africa

Even though it was an in-person activity, we wanted to make sure our virtual learners got to experience Culture Day too. Our awesome virtual teachers roamed the hallways with phones and laptops so their at home learners could explore and learn just like their in-person peers.

We want to thank all of the teachers, staff and students that made this happen. Understanding one another’s cultural viewpoint is so important to building bridges of understanding. 

As part of the studies earlier in the week Mrs. Joshi, at Walt Disney, explained the background history of Henna tattoos and even gave some of the students Henna designs!  

Henna tattoos

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