School Hours, Drop-Off & Pickup


School day hours:  7:55 a.m. – 2:20 p.m.


General Transportation Information:

Please allow 10 minutes before and after your scheduled bus pick up time to allow for bus routes to become complete. Any questions about bus times need to be directed to P-H-M Department of Transportation at (574) 258-9565.


Car Rider Drop-Off & Pickup Procedures:

Morning Car Drop-off:

  • Enter the school grounds at the Day Rd entrance, and then take the lane left (parallel to Day Rd). There are two lines that form on this lane, and they merge at the curve, to be single file in front of the school.
  • The student and parent should remain in the vehicle. Staff supervisors will indicate when the student should exit the vehicle.
  • Students exit their vehicles, and proceed to the sidewalk, walking to and entering Door A.
  • The first week, we will have members of our Kindergarten staff at car arrival to gather our kindergarten students, and help them to their classrooms each morning.
  • Parents should remain in their vehicles. Once your child has exited, please wait for the car in front of you to proceed forward. Please do not pull forward around other cars that students are exiting. Safety is very important in the car drop-off line.
  • After dropping off continue down the lane, and go left, exiting onto Filbert Rd.
  • Have a great day!

Afternoon Parent Pick-up:

  • The parent pickup line forms along the same lanes used for morning drop-off.
  • Parents will be given a hang tag that goes on their rear-view mirror. This number will match a numbered tag the student will receive.
  • Car riders remain in their classrooms at dismissal time. We utilize a computer-based system, where a staff member will be outside, and enter the numbers from the hang tags as they move through the line.
  • Students in the classrooms will wait until they see their number appear on the screen in a green box. Once this happens, they will exit their classroom, and proceed out Door A.
  • A staff member outside will collect the student ticket, and make sure it matches the hang tag of the vehicle. It is critical that if another adult is picking up your child, they have the hang tag. If it’s last minute, please call the office, or email to let us know the name of the individual you are authorizing to pick up your child.
  • Once your child is in the car, please wait for the cars in front of you to move forward first. Please never pull around a car in front of you, where a student is still getting in the vehicle. Safety is very important!

We know these are the best practices to keep our students safe. These processes will be slower at first, as they get established. We appreciate your patience the first few weeks with student arrival and dismissal in the car rider line.